7 September 2018

Wandle were the winners of the Best Small Development awards at the NHAs in 2018 for their development Hillingdon Street.

Hillingdon Street is Wandle’s latest affordable development in central London, providing 20 new homes in a completely shared ownership scheme.

The stylish, high-quality development, just minutes away from major transport hubs, opens up the local housing market to people who would otherwise be completely locked out. Providing affordable housing in central London is becoming increasingly difficult, but Wandle is committed to fulfilling its purpose – supporting people in south London who need a home.

This forward-thinking development does just that. It enhances the area, making best use of under-utilised land and helping keep communities together.

Through a strong partnership with the developer, Skillcrown, they have delivered 20 exceptional new homes that meet the highest environmental and design standards.

Most importantly, these new homes have transformed the lives of 20 households, giving them the security and reassurance to put down roots and begin building a life in Southwark.

Judges' comments

This 100% shared ownership scheme provided excellently planned affordable housing for the local community in central London. A well designed and very attractive development with a great variety of layouts and many innovative features with sustainability key to the design. A clear winner.

Best Small Development 2018: Hillingdon Street