This award recognises the contribution private developers make to the affordable home ownership market.

We're looking for an organisation demonstrating a commitment to boosting the supply and delivery of genuinely affordable homes whether in their own right or with partners.

This category excludes housing association developers.

Don't forget to include the following in your entry:

  • A minimum of eight high-res images of the project/scheme (internal and external)
  • Floor plan(s) where relevant
  • Area and site location maps
  • Company logo/s
  • Postcode

The judges will be looking for

Developers who successfully evidence some or all of the criteria below:

  • A true understanding of the affordable home ownership market, customer needs and how these are met.
  • Excellent customer care and evidenced satisfaction (with metrics) of the sales, marketing and after-sales process.
  • Innovation in delivering affordable home ownership, and other forms of affordable housing, with high levels of design and build quality.
  • Opportunities for community development and involvement, including employment and training and community cohesion.
  • Has created mixed communities, delivering a range of tenures and affordability and catered for a range of household sizes. This should include metrics on purchasers' incomes.
  • Innovation to support people into home ownership.
  • Excellent partnership working with housing providers (including testimonials) in delivering affordable home ownership.

Please answer in a maximum of 1,000 words