This award will go to the team judged to have made a significant contribution to improving and/or delivering affordable home ownership.

The award is open to individual departments, or multiple teams working together across the organisation. These could cover sales and marketing, leasehold management, income, after sales, development etc.

Don't forget to include the following in your entry:

  • Customer testimonials
  • An image to use for awards publicity
  • Company logo/s

The judges will be looking for

Teams that have successfully met some or all of the criteria below, demonstrating:

  • Commitment to delivering excellent service and outcomes for homeowners.
  • Cross-functional collaboration resulting in improved customer outcomes - with customer satisfaction metrics.
  • High levels of customer satisfaction, with evidence of customer involvement showing how services are shaped.
  • Innovation in delivering affordable home ownership whether sales, management, customer engagement etc
  • Achieving goals and implementing strategy (please include relevant statistics/metrics)

Please answer in a maximum of 1,000 words in total