This award is for the most significant contribution made to neighbourhood regeneration through the use of affordable home ownership.

Don't forget to include the following in your entry:

  • A minimum of eight high-res images of the project/scheme (internal and external)
  • Floor plan(s)
  • Area and site location maps
  • Company logo/s
  • Postcode
  • Web links to the project
  • Evidence of community consultation and involvement (testimonials or survey results)

The judges will be looking for

Developments that have met some or all of the criteria below, demonstrating:

  • Innovation in delivery with high levels of design and build quality.
  • Opportunities for community development and involvement, including employment, training and community cohesion.
  • The creation of mixed communities, delivering a range of tenures and affordability, and catering for a range of household sizes. At least 30% of homes should be affordable.
  • A higher number of affordable homes than was previously the case.
  • An efficient use of public and private funding and investment.
  • Sustainability in terms of environmental, economical and social outcomes.
  • That the development has delivered transformational change to the area and that the regeneration has left a positive and lasting legacy on the local community.
  • Evidence of customer satisfaction with the sales process and the aftersales process with metrics.

Please answer in a maximum of 1,000 words in total

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