Best Supplier to the Sector


Wood for Good


Red Loft


  • Civitas Housing Advisors: the real estate investment trust company
  • EMW Law LLP
  • Forty Asset Management: Placemaking Through Partnership
  • Housing Growth Partnership
  • Integrator Housing Solutions
  • Red Loft


Please note this award is not open to housing providers.

This award will go to an advisor, external supplier, solicitors , consultants or organisation which has consistently demonstrated excellent partnering by delivering added or strategic value, cost efficiency.

This award will go to an external supplier, advisor or organisation which has demonstrated added-value, cost-efficiency or strategic value far greater than was envisaged by the client at the time the consultancy was awarded.

Judges will be looking for submissions which have successfully met some or all of the criteria below:

  • Work that truly represents value for money
  • Exceptional service, instrumental in assisting affordable housing developments to achieve their goals
  • Input from the supplier which has demonstrated innovative problem-solving skills or new use of technology from which the sector can draw lessons
  • Demonstrate that the supplier has made a measurable positive impact to the intermediate housing sector as a whole, through its work in partnership with housing providers. Demonstrate that the supplier has played a key role in a successful outcome for the housing provider (and where applicable also the home seeker) when utilising the suppliers services.

Please ensure your entry includes the following:

  • Minimum two x 50 word customer testimonials
  • An image to use for Awards publicity
  • Company logo/s
  • Postcode

Please answer in a maximum of 1,000 words in total