Best Regeneration Project




  • emh group, rg+p: Heathcott Road
  • Home Group: Rayners Lane
  • Peabody: Silchester
  • Stonewater: 2-12 Queensway, Southampton
  • Pinnacle, Higgins & PRP: Myatts Field North (Oval Quarter)


This award is for the most significant contribution made to neighbourhood regeneration through the use of affordable home ownership.

Judges will be looking for developments which have successfully met some or all of the criteria below:

  • Demonstrates innovation in delivery with high levels of design and build quality
  • Provides opportunities for community development and involvement, including employment and training and community cohesion
  • Has created mixed communities, delivering a range of tenures and affordability, and has catered for a range of household sizes
  • Has made efficient use of public and private funding and investment
  • Demonstrates sustainability in terms of environmental, economical and social outcomes
  • Can provide evidence that the development has delivered transformational change to the area and the regeneration has left a positive and lasting legacy on the local community.

Please ensure your entry includes:

  • A minimum of 8 images of the project/scheme (internal and external)
  • Floor plan(s)
  • Area and site location maps
  • Company logo/s
  • Postcode
  • Web links to the project

Please answer in a maximum of 1,000 words in total