Best Partnership


Oracle Group


  • Colne Housing and Iceni Homes: Working differently to build affordable homes
  • Pinnacle, LB Lambeth, NHHT, Higgins, PRP : Myatts Field North (Oval Quarter)
  • Laragh: Manor Farm, Stretham
  • PA Housing: Trinity Walk
  • Pocket Living, supported by The Greater London Authority


This award recognises working in partnership to deliver affordable home ownership properties.

Judges will be looking for an innovative approach to partnership working that has successfully met some or all of the criteria below:

  • Describe the context of the relationship, how the partnership was brought together, how you overcame any challenges and how your objectives were achieved
  • Demonstrate what makes the partnership unique, providing information on how the partners collaborate using innovation and expertise
  • Evidence the difference this partnership made and demonstrate how the results were achieved through partnership working e.g. supporting local needs, supporting the delivery of the scheme, maximising value for money
  • Identify how the partnership will develop in the future and how opportunities will be maximised to benefit the partnership and support people into home ownership.

Please ensure your entry includes the following where applicable:

  • A minimum of 8 images of the project/scheme (internal and external)
  • Input from partner organisations (optional)
  • Company logo/s of all partner organisations
  • Postcode of the scheme
  • Weblink to the project
  • Logo (s)

Please answer in a maximum of 1,000 words in total